Help needed on repairing a smoker

Started by Shayne Shepherd, January 27, 2007, 08:35:15 AM

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Shayne Shepherd

I was just given a used Bradley Smoker that is not working properly. It is an older model, one of the Original Smokers, I believe. I am almost certain it is just a wiring issue. Either something is burnt out or wired incorrectly. Where can I go for schematical details of how one of these things should be wired? I plan to clean it up today and search out a model number on the machine to post here to provide more specific details on which smoker it is.

Does anyone out there have any experience with repairing these things? What other resources are out there that I could use?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.



I'm not aware of any schematics available for the BS. A number of members here have done various repairs (mostly involving the puck advance mechanism), and I am sure they will weigh in. It would be good to know what is not working (is the puck burner getting hot, does the main box element get hot, puck advance working, etc...?)


West Coast Kansan

There are folks here who can give you some pointers but no schematic as Sparky says.

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Mr Walleye


Yup... agree with Arcs and WCK but we need more details on what it's doing or not doing.


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What they said!  Also, welcome to the forum and the smoking community! ;)
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Shayne Shepherd

Thanks for the welcome.

I am going to be pulling it apart today. I will post back with what I discover to be the problems.

Shayne Shepherd

Ok, I pulled the thing apart and here is what I discoverd:

1) The wiring to the thermostat and the on/off switch for the smoke generator had been disconnected.

2) The thermostat had fallen apart inside the unit. It was a simple matter to put it back together and, even though I don't have much experience with these things, I am pretty sure I put it back together properly.

3) Some of the wiring connections were melted and frayed... perhaps a short circuit. I think some of the wiring needs to be replaced but I am uncertain as to which wires connect back to the on switch and the thermostat and in what order.

Has anyone wired one of these things before? It looks pretty simple, provided all the parts are in working order, I think I can get this thing working once I figure out all the connections.

As always, any help is appreciated!

BurntFork Ken

Hey Shayne,

Welcome aboard!  I'd write to Bradley directly, my correnspondence with them has been very pleasant.  Ask them for a simple schematic for the switch, or at least a "put the red to the left prong thingy and the white to the right prong thingy..."

Good luck and let us know how it turns out.


West Coast Kansan

BFK has good advice. Posting a picture may allow someone with same type of unit to compare. But potential for error exists. Doing what you can and calling Bradley is a good approach if you can restore the wire condition and only need a phone call for connection guidance.

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The follow statement is of some concern....
QuoteThe thermostat had fallen apart inside the unit.
The reason is there is no thermostat in the original unit. It is rheostat controlled.

Between the two thin back walls there is a high limit switch.

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Habanero Smoker

Welcome to the forum.

I'm still not certain where your problem(s) are with the smoker. Rather then try to patch things up, you may be better off getting replacement parts.

You can get replacement parts for Chez Bubba (Kirk).