5 chances left to win a free standard Bradley Smoker

Started by Oldman, January 28, 2007, 09:47:14 AM

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OK Folks,

There are 5 Tuesdays left before I announce who may enter the contest. If you don't know about this contest then read this:


While the chatroom may be used anytime it is those that show up on Tuesdays for one hour get a crack at winning this contest.  You have to show up in the logs for 4 Tuesdays for one hours each time... I have been tracking the logs and times. Those who show up for 20 minutes and then say the wife is yelling and they got to go....well it is like this:  No Tickic No Washie!

The way it looks now there is only going to be a small number who will enter the contest when  compared to number of members here.

Good Luck,

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