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Started by GABJR, December 26, 2006, 02:27:05 PM

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I have digital thermometer with remote. How is the best way to use this with the smoker ?


Pretty broad question, GAB.....There's been LOTS of tread space devoted to this subject and can be viewed via the 'Search' feature, but I'm guessing that you probably mean, in a physical sense, how to use the dig/therm WITH the Bradley?!?!?!? Assuming, again, that you have the "original" Bradley, most of us seem to use the vent opening to gain probe/cable entry into the smoker.....others use a more long term solution by drilling through the cabinet, passing the probe through, then filling in the hole around the probe cable. Hope that answers your question????


Sorry for the confusion of my question. Thanks for the reply. Next time I will use the vent

West Coast Kansan

Vent opening works well, you can get pretty good at learning how you want to route it based on what you expect to do with the racks (rotating etc.) during the smoke. Some posted here do like the door but I find it harder to deal with the cord.  Either is fine however.

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I prefer the vent opening as well.  It ensures the vent will not close completely causing unwanted backup and excess moisture (smoke and water not toilet). ::)
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