smoke sticks?????

Started by awesomeame, January 17, 2007, 07:49:47 AM

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no problem  ;D...........
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check out Chez Bubba's website (, under "accessories" he has a sausage hanging rack that fits in the top slot of the Bradley. He also has a "drying rack" that has some cross pieces on the top, and looks like you could hang sausage from it, whole thing fits right into the smoker. Hope this in on track for what you are looking for.


Correction, took another look at the drying rack, and don't think it will fit inside the smoker. Liked the idea about turning the trays upside down and hanging from the grids. would work good for smaller diameter stuff.


Smoke Sticks are wooden sticks used in place of the racks.  These are especially useful if you stuff long lengths of sausage links.  Hanging the links on the sticks allows smoke to get everywhere, with no little grill/rack marks.  This is a traditional method of smoking.  They are usually hardwood, and triangular in shape; however, I do well enough with small quarter-round molding cut to length.  Just hang them on the tabs used for the racks, and all will be well.