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Started by mike butta, August 30, 2004, 01:15:02 AM

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mike butta

Can anyone recommend a good book on smoking.  I'm looking for something that will recommend different types of wood and also has recipes for all kinds of food (meats, vegetables, etc..)

Any help would be appreciated.



Hello Mike,

Previous discussion-recommend to you:

Another one is Paul Kirk, Championship BBQ.

Go to Search the forum and search for book.  Even more might come up for reference.

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Mike ,
Heres a link to show you all kind of info on what wood smokes what.
For books I like Smoke and Spice, Paul Kirk and Steven Raichlen.
Happy Smokin'.

Some say BBQ is in your blood, if thats true my blood must be BBQ sauce.
Some people say BBQ is in the blood, if thats true my blood must be BBQ sauce.