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Started by NRA4EVR, December 01, 2003, 03:41:27 PM

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Hello All,
I am looking at getting a bradly smoker for jerky and I have a few questions. How are these with cooking jerky? I had a small electric smoker (brinkmann) and it was awfull. Is it worth the extra to get the Stainless Steel?  Any thing I should know ahead of time?  I just want to make sure this is what I need before I drop the cash

Thanks in advance for you info,


Hi Scott,
I'm pretty new with the Bardley Smoker and am still learning, I've done four batches of both Jerky and smoked fish, and all have turned out great. If you read the forums it will help a lot. I just purchased a extra set of the Jerky racks so will really be able to load it up, it won't cost anymore to do a big batch! I didn't go with the stainless and am very satisfied with the black and I'm sure if you take care it will last just as long! My instruction manual didn't show where the triangular pan went and I had it in the wrong place the first three batches, it goes on the bottom underneith the water pan!! The deflector will get pretty nasty but will clean with a little soaking after. High Mountain Jerky make some great cures and seasonings, you will have to just try the different flavors of bisquetts to suit your taste. I had a guy tell me that he stagers flavors, Alder/Hickory or Hickory/Apple I've found the Alder and Maple are a little mild but like the milder.

Good luck and I know you will have fun and like the smoker [;)]

Chez Bubba


The difference in the stainless is purely asthetic. Other than the outer finish, they are identical. Take decent care of either & they will last, abuse either & they will not. Larry's got the right idea with the extra rack set, it basically doubles your capacity.


The v-shaped tray goes above the water bowl on those 4 pegs. The flat "cookie sheet" goes under the water bowl. I apologize for not catching that error in your other thread, sorry for any confusion.

Ya think if next time I check into a hotel & they ask "Smoking or Non", they would mind?


Thanks Guys,
Chez Bubba, hopefully my wife will be calling with an order for christmas :)

Chez Bubba


We've got about the best deal out there and add to that we actually use the thing & know what we're talking about. We'll even answer your questions & like to talk technique & recipes. Plus, we stock everything & will ship same or next day. Compare that to Cabela's![8D]
Ya think if next time I check into a hotel & they ask "Smoking or Non", they would mind?


I have a Bradley and it is great. I never made jerky in it, I always use a dehydrator to make jerky. I would recommend the Bradley.