Hi Everyone! Got my DBS 6 Rack today!

Started by Timereaver, April 28, 2007, 06:35:22 PM

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 ;D ;D Hello everyone!  Picked up my first DBS today, never had a Bradley before and looking forward to it!  Can anyone recommend where I should start as far as forum posts?  I'm trying to learn all I can before I attempt my first smoke!  Thanks so much! 



Welcome to the forum!  You will love the BS.  Just look in the catagory you want.  For another good recipe location just click on the link below.  Help is here if you need it.
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Here is the link on the site Wildcat was refering to.  This is the best two links for a New Owner.

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welcome, timesreaver - your going to enjoy that smoker. Gizmo gave you a good pointer.  Be sure to register at the site and you can join the tuesday night chat.  It is fun and a great learning experience. Ask lots of questions. ;)  ;)

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Timereaver, congrats on your new DBS.

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Welcome timereaver. Nice to have you on the forum.  Please feel free to share your smoking adventures. Don't hesitate to ask questions or to put some of the useful knowledge on this site to use.  You will find that there are many nice people on the forum.  I did the recipe in the link below for my first smoke.  It was quick, simple, and very forgiving.  I should also say that it is extremely tastee and I still do it quite often. Don't forget to season your new smoker first.


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I have the 6 rack DBS as well and love the thing! Aside from a few minor quirks, the smoker has exceeded my expectations. Follow the others suggestions in the above posts and you can't go wrong. Just to let you know, I seasoned my smoker for 2 hours instead of 1 that Bradley suggests, and it never hurt anything.

For my first smoke I did some ribs then the real test was a pork butt. Very forgiving the butt was to a greenhorn such as myself! Once you do a few smokes with the unit, your confidence will go up and you won't think twice about loading all 6 racks up :)

Smoke on!
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