Puck Burner Bulge??

Started by cingnut, April 30, 2007, 11:03:51 AM

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I used my 6 rack DBS for the third time this weekend, basically I did one long 24 hour smoke between the  brisket and the ribs that followed immediately after.  I was cleaning the smoker after I was finished and noticed some significant charring on the smoke burner, as well as the feeder ramp just before the burner, I scrubbed off the majority of it, I will just need a little wire brush to make it totally clean, but while cleaning I noticed there is a pretty significant "bulge" on the burner plate surface, is that normal or should it be completely flat?

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It should be flat. For the pucks to correctly smoke, they should have full contact with the place. A bulge will prevent them from smoking properly. Contact Bradley and get that replaced.


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as Hab S says,

Is this a bulge or an issue where the center is higher than the edges? Just interested in what you see, will a puck actually rock on the high area  ???

Bradley has the right answer.  ;)

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Its a bulge.  A swollen area pushing up from beneath the burner surface, it would definitely keep the puck from sitting flat.  I will contact Bradley in the morning.