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Started by MallardWacker, September 08, 2004, 09:27:39 PM

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The pics I saw was someone throwing them into their CondomSmoker.  They were whole, without kernals, and seemed to dried.


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Perryville, Arkansas

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I was at a farmer's market today, and I was discussing using corn cobs to smoke meat with. Though the farmer never smoke before he did give me this bit of advise.

If you are going to use corn cobs to smoke meat with, only use sweet corn that was grown for human consumption. Most commercial corn that is used for cattle feed is treated with an insecticide that is absorbed through the plants roots and is distributed throughout the plant. Using this type of corn cob, you will produce toxic fumes.

Can anyone else varify this. It does sound logical.


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My thoughts are if the insecticide was transmitted to the corn that was feed to cattle would it not transfer to the meat we eat or poison the cattle themselves.[xx(][xx(][xx(]


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His statement is correct, that the pesticides, etc. do get into the corn and cob.  However, it is in such minimal proportions that if it was an issue when you smoke the cobs, it would also be an issue when consumed prior to smoking.

My only thought would be that it would depend upon the type of chemicals, how much was utilized, and how those chemicals react when heated.  Some inert chemicals can become quite volatile when heated.

I spoke with a buddy of mine who has used cobs in his Silver Bullet smoker...he said that they really didn't add too much flavor on their own, but actually worked better as an accent flavor to another wood such as pecan.

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