When/Where'd You Buy Your Bradley?

Started by Kummok, May 23, 2007, 09:33:48 AM

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Bradley originally started small and has now grown to be worldwide.....Thought it might be interested in learning where/when we got our Bradleys.

I bought my first Bradley (in black) at Canadian Tire in 2002
2nd was from a garage sale in 2004
3rd was from a local hardware store, 'Ulmers', in 2005

All three are still working great (except for the occasional, expected advance stall) and currently awaiting their "permanent" home on their stainless steel, vented shelf at the fish processing station my new garage/shop/museum......

When/where did you get yours?


Can you say CHEZBUBBA. Both of mine from kirk and anne.And all my pucks too. ;D ;D

Just another weekend with the smoker...

Mr Walleye

My DBS came from Wholesale Sports in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. - July/2006

Pucks I get mainly from Canadian Tire.


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What year(s) were they purchased? Interesting to see if there is a "migration" from the first years at Canadian stores and Chez Bubba, to more of the big box/Amazon type purchases as Bradley has expanded ?!?!?


Bought in Nov of '05 from Bass Pro Outlet store in Springfield MO, had a small dent on the inside...payed 150$ plus tax.  Never had a single problem with it.

Pucks from Bass Pro or Outdoor Home
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Tiny Tim

December '06 or January '07 from Cabela's Catalog.


Bought mine directly from bradley over the web with the cover and starter puck pack. Now I just get the pucks from Canadian Tire, like Mr. Walleye. Purchased in Mar 07.

Althought CT has a brutal selection of pucks, I have to find someone that carries more variety of pucks around me. There has to be someone! Shipping from bradley is a killer!
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February or March 2006 from Cabelas (Original black model) . Been getting pucks from the Scheels store .


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I bought the original model in August/2004; after taking a day class "Grilling and Smoke Roasting". The class was given by the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). There I had the opportunity to use a BS. After seeing how easy they were to operate, and the end product they produced, I put my water smoker away and ordered mine from the same place the CIA got theirs. That would be ChezBubbas.



I purchased mine from a local outdoor store in October 2004. I buy the bisquettes from Canadian Tire or the local outdoor shop when they have sales. Like the other Canucks have mentioned, CT has a poor selection of pucks, so I'm lucky the local shop carries all flavours.

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Sep/Oct 2006 - original in stainless - Chez for everything purchased except for Iceman's Sauce.
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I got my 6 rack DBS from Sears just 2 months ago.  I get my pucks from Amazon.com.


I bought the SS version from Canadian Tire in Dec of 04. I wait for their puck sales and load up. We have a big box CT 10 minutes from my place that usually has a half decent selection of varieties. I'm stocked up on alder right in anticipation of catching the odd salmon that slips  past Kummok on the way down here to the Island. Sounds like he could be too busy building his new garage/smoker storage to go fishing. Could be a banner fishing year for Oguard and I. ;)

West Coast Kansan

Digital in May 2006 along with pucks from Chezbubba  ;D  :D

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