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Started by manderso, June 06, 2007, 08:25:09 AM

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I just received my new Bradley smoker and can't wait to use it.  I have a pork butt in the fridge waiting for me and want to smoke it tomorrow.  I had a few questions, though.  If I'm going to be cooking for 10-12 hours, how long (and when) do I actually apply smoke and how many bisquettes should I expect to burn through?  Also, when following the directions for "seasoning" the smoker,  The bisquettes didn't move up the conveyor belt feeder and onto the burner without a little manual assistance.  Am I doing something wrong?  I followed the assembly instructions correctly, and there is nothing jammed anywhere along the path.  Any assistance would be appreciated.  Thanks!


OK, so the pucks are in the feeder tube.  Smoek generstor plugged in Generator switch is on.

If all that is done, after 20 minutes they will move on their own.  The pucks are on a 20 minute timer.

As for the Butt.  plan for 1 1/2 hours per pound about at about 210 degrees.  But focus on Internal Temp of the butt to get to 190 to 195.  Don't go just on time, all butts will act different.

As for smoke, its all about how much smoke flavor you like.  Most folks here do 4 hours, at the start of the cook time (after 40 minutes to 1 hour pre-heat).  I personally like 6 to 7 hours of smoke.

I think most everyone smoked at the begning as it flvors the product better when its colder and the bark has not sealled out the flavor.

Good luck.
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How many wood bisquettes did you insert into the magazine tube when you seasoned the smoker?

Be aware that the last two wood bisquettes in your stack won't be properly pushed out onto the hot plate since the loading mechanism relies on pucks pushing other pucks out onto the plate.  When you get to the end of the stack of bisquettes, there isn't any more pucks to push the last few wood bisquettes out onto the hot plate. 

If you haven't already, pick up yourself 2 or 3 of the aluminum saver pucks (Bubba Pucks) on ebay or elsewhere.  You load them into the magazine tube AFTER your wood pucks, they then act as normal wood pucks feeding through the smoke generator.  They allow you to completely burn all your wood pucks each time.  And if you use 3 of them, instead of just 2, they will even extinquish the last wood bisquette after the proper 20 minutes.

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Always apply the smoke at the beginning to get the best smoke penetration, unless you are smoking something that requires to be dried first; such as sausage, ham or other products that have a drying period. I'm not sure if you question was answered, but after loading the chute, you have to manually advance the first three pucks by pushing the advance button to get one to the burner. Make sure that the feeder completely goes through it cycle before pushing the advance button again. After that they advance every 20 minutes.