When/Where'd You Buy Your Bradley?

Started by Kummok, May 23, 2007, 09:33:48 AM

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Jack's Country Store Sept 06' DBS6R.  They had the best price and free shipping at the time.  Pucks I have purchased from Jack's, Chez, and Amazon.  I was in a hurry!
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I got the OBS in spring of '06 as a graduation gift from my parents.  I got my master's in instructional technology.  I believe they ordered it from the Cabella's catalog.  Always wanted a smoker, so they figured why not. 

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I tried to buy mine on the internet in September 2004 but was nearly the victim of a "second chance" Ebay scam operating here in the UK, the ringleaders who I seem to remember were Romanian and were actually sent to prison for several years a while later.

Fortunately I smelled a rat and the original trader, the police, Ebay etc were all involved. As a token of his thanks the (honest) trader sold me an SS OBS at trade price of around £220 which was nearly half the actual list price. (although they have come down in price since)

Finally got my BS in November 2004.

Unfortunataly the trader has now gone bust so I now buy my pucks and other BS bits and pieces from either a company called Devon Angling or direct from the UK importer.... Grakka.

Bubba pucks (3) and a Maverick ET 73 courtesy of Chez Bubba, sausage rack courtesy of one of Oldman's competitions also through Chez Bubba.  ;)


I am fortunate enough to have a very generous father-in-law who bought my OBS and gave it to me for a B-Day present.


My OBS was bought in 05 from Cabelas. My PBS was bought in 07 from Chez and my DBS from Cabelas in 07.

nepas  ;D


when ya getting the obsdc and the bsd and the ofbs or just to much bs.lolhappy weekend all.stay safe

Just another weekend with the smoker...

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I got my OBS about two years ago as a last minute decision when I was poking around a fire sale looking for lures and maybe a duck call. 

A great hunting and fishing store named Gagnon's in Toronto had burned and this was their fire sale located near my place in Niagara Falls.

Everything was water damaged and covered in soot.  The folks working there handed out latex gloves so you could handle the merchandise without getting soot all over your hands.  Had my son with me and he spotted a type of duck call I owned and let him play with and he said in a loud little boy voice, "Hey dad, there's your super mega quacker".....  that's what we had called it in the sancity of our home.....  numerous serious huntin' and fishin' folks searching through the soot for treasures grinned and understood.

At the back was the OBS, in its soot covered cardboard.  No water damage.  Can a smoker get smoke damage I thought?  It was $200.00, and presto, I bought it.

Bubba pucks, jerky and sausage racks courtesy of ChezBubba.

I get my pucks either at Fishing World in Hamilton or at Bass Pro in Toronto bacause they sell the pucks in the bigger boxes. 

The ET-73 Maverick is from Home Hardware.


I got my BSSS in 05 through Cabells. Pucks and Assories from ChezBubba
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E Bay

Wife got so sick of me talking about them so much that she bought it for me for Christmas a few years ago.


I've been wanting a unit I could convert back and forth from hot smoke to cold smoke and the OBS seemed to fit the bill. Noticed Cabela's had a sale on them and I had a few hundred dollars worth of Cabela's points built up so I ordered one. Works great so far.



Canadian Tire in Toronto (Scarborough for the locals), Ontario.  May 2007.


Johnny Guitar

I just got my first DBS yesterday.  I did my research over the internet.  I sent my wife the link, (Fathers Day) the she ordered it last Thursday.  It arrived yesterday.


My OBS from Cabelas in 05, my BPS from chez in 07 and DBS from cabelas in 07.  Oh yeah did i mention i work at cabelas  :D  :D  :D

i started smoking back in 1980 with a littlechief then a charcoal then to propane then to offset then to bradley.




Nepas your smokers looks like a cops rap sheet.Not to mention dehrydro and slicers and grinders and the kitchen sink.LOL tHE MAN WITH THE MOST TOYS stands before us.His nameth is NESPAS .Lol


Just another weekend with the smoker...


Posted 2 times. Oh man must be the smoke and the Cabelas atmosphere glogging the grey matter  :o