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Started by Antonio Makroni, May 30, 2007, 09:55:30 AM

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Antonio Makroni

Quote from: Habanero Smoker on May 31, 2007, 02:57:04 AM
I have the original. I haven't measured the cabinet, but can give you the dimensions of the shelves. Each shelf measures approximately 1/2"x11"x14" (15" if you include the handles). There is a 4" clearance between each shelf.

Does the "Original Smoker" use the same size shelves as the "Digital Six Smoker?"


I have the original but I believe I recall someone on the forum stating that it is the same shelf.  I have not seen another size on sale.
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One thing to be aware of when considering the original: you have to monitor the box temperature yourself (requiring greater attention) or construct/purchase a PID temperature control device.  The digital has some temp swing, as others have pointed out, but it really isn't much different than the temp swing in a normal oven.  That said, you can set the temp target and be confident that your finished product will be good. 

One quirk with the digital, though: for smoking projects that are longer than 9 hours 40 minutes, you will have to reset the timer before that amount of time lapses. I cannot figure out why Bradley would impose that limit on their digital model, but not the original.  All the same, it doesn't take much to reset the timer and you can do so when you're basting your meat.

Good luck!


chuck steak

the smoker will maintain a consitant temp in a controll envorment. A brisket (for exsample) some are thin and some have more gurth, which means, you must have a cook that can look at the meat to be smoked and then make good decisions.
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I would offer this, get one use it for a bit, work with it use'n different rubs and such with different meats and find your grove in the road to success.
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Quote from: Consiglieri on May 31, 2007, 11:19:05 AM
I cannot figure out why Bradley would impose that limit on their digital model, but not the original.

No timer on the original, so no way to hit a limit. The digital limit appears to be related to using a 16 bit counter, and not realizing how long people keep their smokers fired up. Another 16 bit register would have given you 50 years....



And after 50 years that brisket would look like AP's jerky donation to the porcelin gods.
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I always figured that the timer restriction was some sort of fail safe, like the auto off on coffee makers these days. 


When we all first heard of it.  I remeber a Tuesday chat where Arcs was talking to a bunch of us and we agreed it sounded right that it was a chip issue on the control board.  Either that or someone did a conversion from Earth counters to Europa Counters.  The carbon / helium in the mecanisms over there make time go much slower.  So the counters would suffice for 23 pika days.  Oh well.
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