how much smoke?

Started by wholly smoke!, June 02, 2007, 02:47:47 PM

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wholly smoke!

I live in a townhome community that frowns upon smoker use.  When smoking, does smoke billow out in thick clouds, or whisps that quickly dissipate? I do not want to throw down this much cash on something I cannot use. Thanks all.


Wisps.  My neighbors, unless they actually see the smoker itself, can only tell that I am smoking by an occassional faint pleasant smell.  Of course I AM located in the center of a 1 acre plot.  My charcoal/wood grill actually puts out more visible smoke.  The BS does generate a good amount of smoke but most of it is inside and just comes out the vent on top.

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The best way to overcome any objection to smoker use is to throw a party, IMHO.  There  will be smoke with the Bradley, but not like you'd get with a charcoal smoker or a trailer rig.  Smells like a nice sunny afternoon at grandpa's house around the fourth of July.

Truth be told, if your neighbors use weber barbeques, your brand spanking new favorite toy is not going to be much worse, if at all.  Plus, you'll be burning fragrant wood, not briquettes.

Then again, HOAs can be a royal pain in the boston butt, but coming back to my first point, a nice party and a few beverages can't hurt.  Look at your CCRs and see if they have any documented rules against smokers.  If not, then you're guided by the rule of the friendly neighbor (see original idea above).

Or if the HOA is the type that thinks they're marginally more important than Congress, and assert rules that don't exist, they'll probably find something else to be annoyed about, whether you have a smoker or not.

My $0.02: get the machine if there isn't a firm rule against it. You'll like it and, more than likely, your neighbors will be glad you have it.


The smoke won't even be noticeable.
May the fragrance of thin blue smoke always grace your backyard.

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hillbilly is right, smoke is very lite but will permiate the air with a sweet smell that will have your neighbors asking when dinner will be ready  :D  Be ready for some instant friends  ;D