Started by Meat Fest, April 10, 2007, 09:57:51 AM

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If you want something relatively quick(if that is possible with the BS) then go with chicken.  If you've got some patience, go with pulled pork.  I don't think you can mess that up at all.  It was my first smoke.  Just follow advice here and you will love it.

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Meat Fest

Hi team,

Amazing.  Just writting back to tell you that the great receipy hillbillysmoker sent me on the "Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breasts"  was great.  Easy to follow and a perfect smoke.  Thanks again Hillbilly Smoker.

Next I want to try some ribs.  Any other easy to follow advise for two wracks of ribs?


Good to hear it worked out ok.  For ribs, Babybacks especially, look at this:

I use this and I get great results. I normally do 2 racks (cut in half slabs so they fit better) or up to 4 depending on whose comign over.
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