Brisket Help!!!

Started by wicz, June 03, 2007, 05:20:33 PM

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Tiny Tim

Here's what ya do to post pictures.  First ya get a host for the pics...a lot use, I use a free website from yahoo/geocities, and there are others out there.

Once you have your pics on the host site, you type in <img>yoururlhere</img>, but using [ for < and ] for >.

Your pic should now be visible to all of us.  If not, ask for help and we'll give it another shot at learnin' ya how to do it. :D


That sounds like a pain to post a picture.

Should I have wrap the brisket in foil after 4 hours of smoking?  I didn't do that.  What that my mistake?


There are no real mistakes , just things to improve on WICZ. :)



I only foil when I FTC.  Also, I use  It is free.  Simply copy URL then insert on forum.
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CLICK HERE for Recipe Site:



I foil my brisket after smoking, but everyone has their own approach. As coyote said: 20 years of experimenting ahead of you, and we will all benefit from your experiences. At least that is why the adult beverage refrigerator is next to my smoker.   :D 

Posting pics is not too bad after the first couple; I personally use the Image Cave.


Habanero Smoker

If you use photobucket, posting pictures is quite simple. After you open an account, you can create albums and upload your pictures to photobucket. Once you have your pictures uploaded, check the picture or pictures you want to post on the forum. Go to the bottom of the page and click on the "Generated HTML, Ebay and IMG Code" button. Then click on the code you want to use, either "IMG images for message boards" or "IMG clickable thumbnails for message boards - recommended". Just clicking on the code automatically copies the code into your clipboard. Open another browser window and log on to the forum, and paste the code inside your message.



Ok, here is a try at posting pictures.  I know I sliced the brisket wrong.  Thank you everyone for your help and support.  This is a great site for newbie's.  I hope the next brisket doesn't take 20 hours to cook.

Before going in the Smoker

After FTC

and Sliced brisket


Nice work there wicz. Makes lunch time seem way to far away when I see good eats like that. :P ;D

Tiny Tim

I've got one in the freezer taunting me, but I want my PID built before I tackle that project.  Comeon fuse holders...get here quick....don't know how much more of looking at other peoples briskets I can take. :D


To paraphrase a famous quote: "We don't need no stinkin' fuses."

You could probably get by for awhile without much worry if you are desperate.  :o


Tiny Tim

You don't know me very well....if I don't install 'em right away, they'll never get in there. :D