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Started by whitetailfan, September 24, 2004, 04:29:37 AM

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I beleive you could use a battery to run those(though I have never tried it).  I would use something like a 6v lantern batterry.  Shoot, use your car battery charger for that matter.  The typical computer case fan is 12vdc and sould be brushless.  You can accually get fairly small ones.  There are some very nice(small) ones they use for heat sinks that might work great also.  I really don't think you will have to move great amounts of air to solve this problem.  You can pick one up at Radio Shack but they are bit over priced.  If you have a store front/local geek head type computer store many times they are cheeper and also alot of these places have a used/junk/old area that you can rumage through to find something to cannibalize.  Man wish you were closer, have a [:D]metric[:D] ton of these fans around the homestead.


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