Which BS To Buy?????

Started by tturaider, June 19, 2007, 09:55:37 AM

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I am new to this site and have just found the Bradley Smoker line of products and really do like what ive read and seen here.  I have smoked a few times before with a wood box smoker type and enjoyed every bit of it.  I have come to the conclusion that I want an elec type smoker and think that the BS brand is one of the best.  I just have a few questions that I hope yall can help me out with.

1.  Which type of BS is better the OBS or DBS?  I do realize that is basically comes down to personal preference but what are the pros and cons of each?

2.  What exactly does cold smoke mean?

3.  How do you season your new BS and do all have to be seasoned?

These are just a few questions that I have and would appreciate any advice that yall can give me.


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1.Welcome here

2. i have 2 originals no problems had a digital and gave it back.TOO FLASHY

3.LOAD up 4-5 hours worth of pucks and let her rip.Then its time to cook.

4.yes all new bs needs to be seasoned.

5. Good luck and any other questions just ask. ;D

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Awesome rat thanks :) Im sure ill have more jsut have to think bout em.
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Rat one question besides bein too flashy was there any other problem with the DBS?
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on the other side of the coin, I have no time for figuring where to set a slider and adjusting things. I like easy, and for me, personally, the dbs was the best chioce. I will say this, that one flaw in the DBS is the rediculous 9:40 time limit. When doing a brisket or butt, it is a bit of a pain to always figure out when you have to reset it so it doesn't turn off while you are sleeping. I like to "set and forget" and that is what the dbs has done.

Good luck on your choice!
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Thanks SKS I appreciate the info!!
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Back to the stainless steel, I have no problem with the slider, after a few smokes you're pretty much married to the smoker and know where to set it.
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hct you got it right.The digital has way too many temp swings for me.I had both the 4 racker and the 6 .Both are gone and now i have 2 originals that are set it and forget it.Go original ODL SCHOOL BABY. ;D

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Welcome to the forum tturaider.

As you said choice of OBS or DBS is really down to individual choice, I have a SS OBS and am more than happy with it. It is quick and easy to get the measure of the slider temp control.

One thing that may determine choice is size, 6 rack versus 4 rack may swing it for some folks as they do not do a 6 rack OBS.

Cold smoke is generally regarded smoking at temps of less than 80F although some sources quote up to a 100F, basically it is smoking without cooking the food.

The BS manual provides full details on how to season your smoker.

Hope this and the other info helps you decide which way to go, let us know how you go!?  :D ;)


Thanks HCT and Manx!  One other question on the use of the smoke bisquettes how are they used with each model? In terms of rate of use and when they are used to smoke the meat.
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Tiny Tim

If I'm not mistaken, all Bradley Models feed the same way, and burn approximately 20 minutes on each biscuit.


You will be happy with whatever you buy.  All units are great quality products.  I have the OBS in black and added a raptor guru controller to control temp and monitor meat temps.
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even though you are in the DBS forum, hillbilly is right.. anyone you pick you cannot go wrong :)
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West Coast Kansan

 :D I have a DBS and it is a fine unit producing fine smoked food.  The temp swings on the DBS is not a big deal for most smokes unless you want to push the limit on sausage.  The time setting o 9.6 hours is not that big a deal for me.  When I am ready for bed I go rest the timer and go to bed.   ;)

The DBS may be easier to use to begin with in terms of setting it up and letting it do the regulating when the sun moves or something.  8)

If I were to buy I think i would get an OBS and build a PID - same money as a DBS and better control than either unit.  But then you really dont need better control so maybe not.  I dont know maybe I would get another DBS.  Hope this helps  ;D  ???

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Thanks to all of you that have posted and answered my questions.  I think that I may go with the OBS and give it a try.

Im sure that ill be here again asking more questions.

Thanks Again!!!
tturaider :) :) :)
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