2 Butts and 1 Brisket

Started by wicz, June 29, 2007, 12:01:15 PM

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[img]This will be my first time doing multiple piece of meat.  I have a 7 lbs brisket and 20 lbs of pork butt.  I am going to use a yellow mustard slather and Southern Succor Rub and on the brisket I am going to use my own rub.  I am going to smoke with Hickory and Apple with apple juice in the water pan.  I am using a foil pan instead of the bowl.  I am going to do this a little higher temp then what I have been smoking at.  I am thinking 230 to 250.

I am per cooking everything for the weekend of the 7th of July.  I am going to start this Tuesday night, as soon as I get home from work and let it cook over night.  Hopefully everything will be done Wednesday sometime.

Does anyone have any pointers for me or suggestions?  How how time should this all take?


I wouldn't bother with the apple juice in the water pan.  That's used to extinguish pucks.  I'd certainly spray or mop your product with it though. 
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I have just placed all the meat in the smoker.  I hope this goings better this time, then my last brisket.  Thank you everyone for all the help again.


Its 3:30 am in kansas and the brisket hit 200.  This time it only took 8 hours.  I have the brisket FTC right now.  The pork butts are at 169 right now.  Everything is looking great.  Cant wait for it all to be done with.


Sounds like a great plan coming together as expected.  Have fun and enjoy.
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I'll pick up a six pack and be right over.   ;D


The first butt was done around 10am.  I had it FTC for 3 hours and then pulled it.  The butt just fall apart.  My wife, Mother and Brother said it was the best one I had to date. 

Does anyone have tips for reheating brisket?  I havent sliced it yet.

Here are all the pictures of everything.

The Brisket

Pork Butt


Is the brisket sliced or whole?
Either way my favorite is to wrap it in aluminum foil after a spray of apple juice before sealing the foil.  Heat it up in the oven.  Depending on how much of a hurry you are in, 220 or 350.  Remember you are just reheating it not cooking it so it doesn't need more than 15 minutes or so.  Steam inside the foil means you definatly got it warm. 

For just a few slices and you really can't wait, a 15 to 20 seconds in the microwave would do it.

Brisket is also pretty good cold on a sandwich sliced deli thin if you can.
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West Coast Kansan

A hearty welcome to the smoker from KS.  :) There is food in Olathe  ;D

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Gizmo, The brisket is still whole.  I havent sliced it yet.


I reheated my brisket in the oven at 275 for about 1/2hr to warm it through all the way. It was nice and hot, so depending on your oven, your time might vary. I never put it in foil. Just a little bit of water in a pyrex backing dish with foil covering it.
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The reheat from SKSmoker pretty much sums up the best shot in my opinion.  When I cook several briskets, I always finish them in a foil boat covered with foil so if I am going to use the remainder of the left overs, the whole boat goes in the oven.  Larger quantity of coarse will take longer to get up to temp.
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Hey WicZ-newbie here too.  I live in Lenexa, KS.  Where did you buy your meat for the smoker? 



Trentonator,  Hello fellow local boy.  I live in Olathe.  I get all my meat at Sam's Club.  What kind of bradley do you?


That sure looks good!

I was wondering what order you had them shelved in the smoker? Brisket on top? Butt on top?

I am thinking of doing a brisket with ribs and I am still debating the order inwhich I will shelve them.

mmmm brisket ...