Started by drdale, July 13, 2007, 11:38:41 AM

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I have two smokers, the older 4 rack model, and the new digital 6 rack model. 
I am very disappointed with the 6 rack model.  All the electronics are great and a big improvement, but they have the same heating element as the smaller one, and it is just not adequate to hold temperature.  I have never been able to get it up to even 200 degrees, even with very little venting. 

I am in Hawaii and it is out of the wind so that is not the issue. 

I basically have abandon using the 6 rack model and just use my older 4 rack model.

Bad design I guess.


Check to see if your v-tray is not blocked in the vent slots, i opened mine up some with a screwdriver that solved my heating issue.


nepas  ;D


Oh sweet lord, this is not what I want to hear.... ??? ???


As shipped from the factory (ie no adjustments or redneck engineering) I am able to obtain temps at the max of the unit.   I regularly preheat to 260deg and then turn it down to 220 for cooking.   

Best bet is to call BRadley they will make it right or replace the defective part.



I preheat mine at 320 for 2 hours and it is at that or even more when I am ready to put my food in. I cook at 250F all the time with the stock unit.
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drdale and idea why this problem happened yet? 


Aloha Dr Dale

Where are you in Hawaii? Did you get your smoker in Hawaii or the mainland.? I am on Big Is. and I cant find anyone who has the BS here. When I moved back home from the mainland, my smoker cabinet was crushed in shipping. I am looking for another. You know the shipping is a pain in the Okole....

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