second attempt at jerky

Started by RupKin2, August 13, 2007, 09:32:20 PM

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Well this batch definitly came out better, still not perfect but much better.

The biggest change I made was reading the measurements correctly.

This 1/3 means a third not a cup and some..................oops ;D
same goes for soya sauce................oops #2  ;D ;D

Yes, we tossed that batch out the door.

This time I sliced the meat a little thinner. That wasn't too bad but I'll go back to 1/4 of an inch again.

My remote Maverick temp works great, just forgot to set the alarm for Hi temp.........rats :(                 fine time for the smoker to decide to get up to 213, when I'm sleeping and the alarm isn't set on the temp gauge. Not sure how long it was at 213, may two hours most I think.

So had I not cut it thinner and I set the Hi temp the jerky pretty much would have been perfect............hmmm............maybe not but darn good anyway.



I always do the same thing. Always add a bit more for the boys up-state. ;) Maybe it's a control thing. ;D ;D
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I make 30 pnds of jerky every month. Below is how i make it.

Basic wet marinade.

In my Reveo for 20 mins then into OBS with 1 hr of smoke. Power vent on with vent full open, no water in pan. Then into my dehydrator for 4 hrs until done. 

Here is a small batch i did for myself  ;D


    The jerky i make goes to my 2 sons.