Red warning light on OBS

Started by Boybach, April 03, 2007, 11:42:55 AM

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Thanks Guys , 
          It's good to celebrate among friends. 8)

Tiny Tim

Course log in info showed up today on first addy that I tried...already gone through the first installment.


Wildcat,don't let others get under your skin  :) Some of us just like to tell jokes and mean nothing by it, us dumb Coonasses down here are famous for the bull we can shoot and lies we can tell, and others have a dry sence of humor, but anyway just be glad we wake up on the green side of the grass each morning. People like you and I can enjoy our retirement  ;)
There is a place for all of Gods animals right next to the mashed potatos and gravy


No problem.  I am used to hillbillies, coonasses, and even a few swamp rats.  Hell I'm beginning to understand a few northerners, canadians, UK folks and even one Icerat, lol.  ;D
Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.

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Rats i heard my name.Now what did i do. :D :D

Just another weekend with the smoker...


Very interesting site at Sounds like that book will be a great Bradley resource.