Newbie smoked trout on Weekend

Started by Dashdriver, October 17, 2007, 08:41:38 AM

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Tried this on the weekend and it turned out amazing!  :)

2 trout – 4 fillets about 1 inch thick at the thickest point.
750 ml cold water
45 ml coarse salt
black pepper
springs of fresh dill, fennel or thyme
Maple syrup
a few strips lemon rind
Lemon Zest

Clean the trout and lay in a shallow non-metallic dish. Combine salt and water, stirring to dissolve the salt.

Pour over the trout. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Drain and pat dry. Season the inside of the fish with pepper (I

used black and white pepper), dill, lemon zest, and poured over top with real maple syrup (about 3 strips of maple

syrup on each. Not a lot) then sprinkled on some chives.

Then I let the trout sit on the counter for 1 hour.

Cold smoked for 1 hour with Alder, Brought the temp up to 150 F for 1 hour. Then 220 F until finished.

Once finished, wrapped in tin foil and placed in my oven (oven not on) and let sit overnight to cool slowly.

Considering the trout was finished about 1 am. It was in the oven for 8 hours to cool. Then placed in the fridge.

Turned out very nice!


Sounds great Dash! Which trout? We have saltwater Speckled Trout down here but I've never been able to get a 1" fillet from even a 28 incher. Did a visible pellicle form after adding seasoning? How long for 220F until "finished"? I only smoke trout occasionally but still enjoy it.
Mostly smoke Kingfish and Swordfish when I can get it. Have to try Alder for fish. Always use Hickory for fish and short smoke times so it's not overpowering. Everyone seems to be looking for the Hickory taste in the fishspreads I make. Smoke on...  ;D ;D
The Artmiester

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sounds good I gotta try this on some Rainbows this coming spring


Hey Artmiester! Just used 2 Fat fresh Lake Trout... They were most likely closer to 3/4 inch thick. I've done 3 batches of salmon with Alder and they turned out fantastic.. The trout were just as good!
At 220 for about 2 hours. Next time I do them, I will shorten that between 1 and 1 1/2 hours. The fish were still very good and not dried out. I let them cool slow, 1st batch of fish I did, I put right into fridge and they went mushy. Doesn't seem to happen if you cool them off slowly.
I will have to try the hickory on fish.. Never have tried. Always use either Alder or Maple.. Both seem good. Alder a little better.
All I need..... Is some more smokin TIME !!

Dash  :D