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Started by hosshunter, October 04, 2007, 05:38:30 PM

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Where is the sensor located on the DBS? From what I read here it appears it is located in the lower portain of the smoke tower. I am installing a sensor in my OBS to adapt a digital smoke generator. I obtained the generator on Ebay. It appears the unit had been dropped (minor damage) but the drop stripped the 2 lower screws on the digital display back cover causing enough flex in the circut board that the temp setting buttons and clecius/farenhiet button not to make contact (the reason I believe they sold the unit). A piece of tooth pick in the hole of the button just a smidge longer then the button solved this problem. After testing the generator is in perfect working order. The sensor and connecters and cables were obtained from Bradley. Now I just need to permantly place the sensor in my smoke tower. Would it be better to place the sensor higher in the smoke tower say in between the 2nd and 3rd rack of a 4 rack tower. A trip to scheels would give me this info but I thought I would try here first. Thanks in advance


On the 6 rack it is located 15-1/4 inches from the bottom of the unit and 4-1/4 inches from the left side.  It is located between the 2nd and 3rd rack.  I suspect you would want to position yours between the 2nd and 3rd rack as well.
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Thank you. That makes sense as I see by the online manual that the sensor connection is located on the left side and the amont of cable on the connector and the sensor would allow the sensor to be placed in that area.

Mr Walleye

Pretty much the same on my 4 rack DBS. It's 15 inches from the bottom to centre and 4.25 inches from the left side (while looking into it) to centre.


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Thanks again after I get it all together I will post a photo and wiring diagram