What happened to Chez Bubba?

Started by Paisan, November 17, 2007, 05:40:18 PM

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I haven't been on this message board for a long time.....I used to be able to find parts from Chez Bubba (Doors, knobs, smoke generators) that I can't seem to find anywhere else. I am looking for a replacement smoke generator for an Original Bradley...can't seem to locate one....Chez used to sell them on his sit for $100....anybody know another site that I might be able to find replacement parts? Thanks.


PM Tiny Tim or Begolf.  They are both dealers.
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Anyone know how i get get to Tiny Tims website?...is there a website...I really miss using my bradley...was hoping i didnt have to buy a new one...thanks for any help you guys can give.

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Tiny doesn't have a web site. you will have to PM him.

BeGolf has a web site here: http://www.yardandpool.com/Grilling---Smoking-c5.html


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