My first smoke

Started by Kane, December 29, 2007, 03:28:01 AM

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Smoking Duck

Give yourself a pat on the back, Kane.  Very nice first smoke!  Of course, they just get easier from here on out ('cept that now you're gonna be required to do many, many more of them)

I didn't ask for any wormholes, so if there's any left over (which I doubt very much), please feel free to send to Indiana.


Steeler....she's a keeper!

Who doesn't love lab puppies?

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ahhhhhhh. very good it was. bone came out clean with just a slight tug. meat basically fell apart. My wife loved it!



Congratulations on the reentry vehicle look (just like icerat); very nice. Just tell the wife it is not quite right, and requires 20 more years of experimenting while passing by the adult beverage refrigerator in the garage.   :D