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Started by SmokinHotPapa, December 26, 2007, 01:00:33 PM

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ready to season bds i have 2 bubba pucks and was wondering how many wood pucks i should use, the owner manual said 6 is that correct and bubba pucks go in last correct?

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You are correct, you just need to add one additional puck on top of the Bubba Pucks to make sure the last puck is pushed off the burner.



Hey Papa.
You get twenty minutes of smoke from each puck before it gets drown in the water bowl. I think in the manual they recommend 2 hours for seasoning so 6 pucks would be right. Your Bubba Pucks' main function is to keep the last bisquette from remaining on the puck burner longer than twenty minutes so the nasties don't burn. It takes 3 Bubba pucks though, to replace the last wood puck on the burner. This adds twenty minutes to your puck burner time. I guess you could put an additional wood puck behind the second Bubba puck to achieve the same result. Bubba pucks also keep your second to last wood puck from partially burning if you leave the puck burner going through the entire cooking process as most do. When initially loading up the smoke generator and pressing the puck advance button three times to move the first puck onto the burner let a good 12-15 seconds pass between each press to give the mechanism time to cycle. Enjoy that shiny new cabinet while you can. Got any ideas for your first smoke? Pork butts are easy, pretty predictable and very forgiving. Have at it.  ;D ;D
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Thanks.  Yeah, I was actually thinking about the pork butts.  I almost went and bought them today.  There is nothing like pulled pork off of a smoked butt!  I was also thinking about jumping right in and doing a brisket.  I used to do a mean brisket on the Weber, but I have a bit to learn with this new machine.  LOL   :-\  I am looking forward to it and I am going to season it tomorrow! 

P.S.  Thanks for the chicken recipe!  That sounds awesome!  I will definately make that sooner or later.  We will be eating a lot of smoked food over the next few months as I have to test everything!