To those who smoke foods but don't have a fancy...

Started by Oldman, November 18, 2004, 02:26:53 PM

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To those who smoke foods but don't have the fancy do-dads to tell you the temp. I will let you in on a secret. I don't have any of them fancy do-dads either. Oh I did purchase the one with two probes and it lasted a whole month or so... what a waste of money.

In the past couple of days if you have been following SmokinMoe threads and how I have shown her the T-Shirt method and now that you know I don't have any fancy do-dads you might be wondering how is it that I was able to correctly enchance that picnic ham without even the use of a simple thermometer.

In the 1950s my Grandfather taught me how to taste the smoke and what he called "The touch of the smoke."
When I was enhanceing this picnic ham I placed my hand 1/2 inch above the vent. At the count of 12 I had to remove my hand do to the temp. That tells me I'm about 155-165 degrees.

So to all of those out here in Smokerland don't worry if you do not have fancy do-dads. Just learn "The Touch Of The Smoke." If you do go and try to teach yourself this then consider flow rate. The higher the flow rate of the smoke the sooner you will move your hand away. I have my vent open just enough to keep the smoke from backing up through the generator. Remember in the 50s there were none of these toys. Yes they are nice. However, in my Grandfather's day he would have looked at the Bradley as just another fancy toy! He would then go split the wood and fire up his smoker.

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"The touch of the smoke."

Best idea yet
Thanks for the info [:)]

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