Finally finished the PID

Started by yul, March 05, 2008, 01:20:32 PM

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 :D    Hi Guys, here are a couple of pictures of the two PID's I have just finished, thanks to all the help I have received from the board. (You know who I mean Mr Walleye.)  When I had finished mine I  showed it to a friend who also has a OBS . He is only a casual user up to now but when he saw how handy the PID was he decided to go ahead and make one. We ordered the pieces from Aubin's ( excellent service, highly recommended ) and then scrounged around for a suitable box finally finding an old test equipment box which had the added benefit of having far more space inside than the Radio Shack box.
After a false start using the wrong connecting plugs (my fault, should have looked at the back of the unit, you need a computer power cord) and the installation of the fuse holder, all ran well with no sparks or flashes. Just waiting for warmer weather so as to run the auto tune and get down to some serious smoking... ;D

Hummer and Mini.

Plenty of room in here

Thanks Mike.
Brian. Montreal.

Tiny Tim

Nicely done.  Wasn't that hard, either, was it? :D

Mr Walleye

I'll 2nd the nicely done Brian!  8)

See... Your already a pro!  ;)


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 :-[ Aw shucks, i'm blushing. ;D
Brian. Montreal.


Very nice...

I see that you need to finish the interior of the big box with a floor and insulation for the six pack. That's was thinking ahead...



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Nice job! Talk about a heavy duty PID.


   ;D  Hi guys, yes our next one is going be built into a steel filing cabinet, the PID in the top draw, then the next draw down stores pucks and the bottom one will be filled with ice to keep your beverage of choice coooooool.   ;D

Brian. Montreal.


Iceman alert, the word beverage was used ::)


Did someone say beverage?   :D


ICE??? BEVERAGE??? WHEN???? WHERE???  :o ;D :D
Nice job!!!