Damaged BDS

Started by bounder, January 30, 2008, 03:59:49 PM

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Received my BDS today, unfortunatly damaged during shipping. Just my luck! Back it goes...the wait continues.


Mr Walleye

Bounder, welcome to forum

That's very disappointing. Sounds like something that would happen to me. Hopefully they can get you one quit!  ;)


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What was the damage?  The Bradleys are not the best packaged in the business and if it is comsmetic, you might want to check it out to see if it works.  Just a thought. 
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Gizmo,  Looks like it was dropped as the lower right coner is crunched & the backing has seperated from the unit.  Talked to supplier yesterday they said send it back & they will send a new one.  Your right, minimal packageing!  Thanks for the web sites on the rub, much appreciated.



That sounds like the damage the second one I went through had.  The rear bottom was caved in and seriously damaged.  I went through 2 smokers before I got the third that was OK.

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