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Started by flipperz71, February 25, 2008, 05:41:08 AM

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Make a batch of Fatties and chicken wraps.  I used the recipe for the fatties that had the red pepper flakes and mustard seed.  Almost tasted like keilbasa loaf.  That is a Pa coal region staple.  The only difference was that I added bacon to the GB.  Thanks NEPA for the other recipe.  I will be trying that next weekend.  For the chicken wraps, I chose a boneless/skinless thigh.   I put both on at the same time, chicken of bottom,  with 4 pucks of mesquite.  When the internal temp of the fatties hit 165 I took everything off.  The chicken was awesome, nice and juicy and the fatties were equally delicious. 

Thank you everyone for the posts and help.  Reading through these forums is the best way to learn...



Welcome to the forum Flipper.  Congradulations on your success.  Keep in mind that we like to drool over photographs.
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