update on beefmann heater mod

Started by beefmann, March 22, 2008, 04:56:54 PM

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hello all

just wanted to  update all of you on the heater mod and how it preformed with  17 lbs of ham.
startes at 7:00 am with a 2 1/2 hour maple  smoke.. from 9 30 till 4: 15 pm cooking at 190' f cook till the ham reached a 185 IT during the cook there was a small bread loaf tray infront of the blower half full of orange soda as the  cooking  went on the juices from the ham also filled the pan.

as for  the design a major plus though a drip deflector slanted upwards from the heatrer is a must. if you use a 12 by 18 inch piece of  steel just cut where the heater is to the front of the housing and bend it up at an angle  while aiming the heat towards the back of the BS and it  would have been perfect.

everyone might  also consider a 500 or 750 watt finned heater the fins do aide a lot in maintaing the heat. also the main part of the heat starts at the far  end of the heating  element away from the electrical connections. design your accordingly. mine was not  flawless however this mod has been a big  improvement over the orginal heater in the bradley smoker with a very  constant heat in the  smoker as well as getting the heat to the desired tempture even  with a cooler start and meat at a cooler temp.


Makes ya wonder why Bradley used a light weight element to begin with?
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