procom 4 and power raptor

Started by Toker, March 24, 2008, 05:19:55 PM

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Hi there just red a post about the procom 4 and the power raptor seems very interesting option for me i even went to the bbq guru home page i'm interested to buy one very soon but before i need to know something or a couple pls...

1st on the page its says the kit doesn't come with any adaptor and any blower do i need any to go with my obs?

2nd do i need to screw anything to the smoker a seen a pic of something tight next the smoke generator but didnt understood how to do it?

3rd i seen also that i must change my long electric cord that attach the cabinet for an computer cord but only the pre 2007 model would work how do you know the model year?

i think its all for now thx

Habanero Smoker

Check your post on the other thread.