Door Hinge

Started by caustic casey, March 24, 2008, 07:37:32 AM

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caustic casey

This is my first post-- I was wondering if anyone had any problems with the hinges on the door--I have the stainless steel version, and the plastic hinge clip cracked somehow and now the door falls off if I am not careful...


Welcome meuzick.  I have not had any problems but I have the 6 Rack and I believe the door is different on the digitals.  Seem to recall someone posting the digital doors are a little more sturdy but I haven't done any comparisons myself.  If you do a search on the forum, you may find another post where someone had an issue with the door or door seal.  Don't recall their model and I only recall one report.
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That sucks. I've never had that problem. Bradley's customer service is top notch. Give them a call.