Started by bigblueh20, April 27, 2008, 06:41:58 AM

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Could someone Please recommend a good internal thermometer which I can place in the meat while the door is the same time provide me with a digital temperature read of the meat outside the BDS...Thanks, BigBlue


That would be the Maverick ET73, bigblue. Do a search and see if that sounds like what you're looking for. It's a favorite of most Bradley owners.


Many of us use the Maverick ET-73.  It is a dual probe thermometer that reads the box temp as well as the meat temp.  It has the remote feature that allows you to read the temp without having to open the door.  It is readily found on the internet as well as several retail outlets.  It is made by Redi-Chek.



Sorry Ontrack.  Your response was quicker than mine.



Most use the Maverick ET73.  It has 2 probes.  One for monitoring the cabinet temp and one for the meat temp which utilizes a transmitter and a receiver that enables you to monitor the temps from a few yards away.  I have one, and I also recently purchased the Thermoworks MT which can operate like the termopen yet you can also attach a wired therocoupler to it to monitor the meat with the door closed.  I also have the Bradley probe.
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