Brisket---cook fat side up or down?????

Started by tturaider, April 06, 2008, 06:16:46 PM

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Habanero Smoker

In my area all Sam's club sells only choice grade beef. Also it's the only store where I can rely on that will have brisket flats any time I go there.



Quote from: Habanero Smoker on April 08, 2008, 01:59:37 PM
In my area all Sam's club sells only choice grade beef. Also it's the only store where I can rely on that will have brisket flats any time I go there.

Up here they sell both so you have to check the cryvac package to make sure it's stamped choice.
Like Hab said they seem to always have some in stock. Good choice of ribs all the time too.


The last time i smoke some i used Sams and bought whole briskets...wasnt too impressed with them tho!!! But I may look and see if they have choice flats next time im in there. ???
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West Coast Kansan

We are pretty lucky here I guess, got sam's and costco and a bunch of other stuff. We dropped Sam's this year just cuz costco is closer. But yea, the sam's meat cases that are away from the meat counter will often have select grade stocked in them. I dont think either store is a bad place. Good meat in both stores, especially for smoking.

I usually like to go to the counter and talk to the meat cutters just cuz i am old and that is what my Dad did...wife says the older i get the more like Dad I get - I dont think that is a bad thing either. I dont remember my Dad having to tell them a pork butt comes from the front of the hog though. I tell ya the kids these days...i think it is the music they listen to  ???

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I have had only bad luck with Sam's briskets.I have smoked every grade they offer, and no matter what temp or how long I cook them they end up dry. I blame it on their "packing solution". I drive right by Sam's now to my newly found meat house, which offers fresh brisket (cut how ever you want) at $1.98 per pound. Yes, It's Heaven, especially after going for weeks at a time not being able to find one... :)


I have, however, had MUCH better outcome with Sams Club Pork Butts than the other source I tried, our local Grocery chain here, Publix.
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Yeah, I buy all my pork tenderloins at Sam's also. I guess the brisket is the only meat that I haven't liked (several times).

La Quinta

Yeah...ya know what OnTrack...I go to the butcher now for brisket/tenderloins/flank and any other cut I'm going to smoke. Sounds like other people are good with Sam's and Costco? I love Costco lamb chops and "canned" lump crab and brie and..... Oh yeah and Cascade and TP and garbage bags...I could go on...but not for brisket or a big ole butt...


Just a quick update....I just finished a smoke of a certified Angus brisket flat and it was the best so far that I have done.  Im not sure if it was the type of brisket or the fact that it was also my first smoke with a PID but it came out awesome.
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Brisket always a riskey never know from one to the next.  It all has too with the cut, I've done brisket for the past 20 yrs., and sometimes you nail it,, and othertimes do everything the same and you think what the heck did I do wrong because you do it the same and can I honestly tell ya that you never know, on the BBQ circuit they'll do several to find the best cut for judging..brisket is tricky I find it very different and you do the best you can do!!  But if unhappy, there's always next time!!!  :D I'm still trying to find the best one....along with ribs..same deal!!  Just keep smokin and you'll hit the perfect one!!!


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