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Started by CT Smoker, May 30, 2008, 07:15:26 AM

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At first i used the ranco silicone probe itself right in the meat, than a while later I had a small stainles tube made up and epoxied the probe inside.
And the ranco wired as a high limit shutoff.

I use the DBS to control the box temp , and the ranco to shut the whole unit down when the meat hit the precise temp.

Depending on the setup the ranco can be used to control the smoker temp or the meat temp.
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How accurate his the ranco i mean can you maintain the smoker at a +/-1 degree from desired temp or more like 10 to 15 degrees?

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Really!? So its not a on off switch? One last question pls TBS at what differencial did you set it? I know earlier in this post i said 5 but this advise given to me by some body else i think was more for an conventionnal pid and not the ranco thats why im still asking specially to some one like you TBS who use the ranco. i'll get mine next week by mail and i want to be ready. Thats why all these questions, i'll use the ranco with my obs. Any advise to get it accurate as much as possible? to make it work correctly? thx for taking the time answering my numerus questions.

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hello Toker

If your using the OBS
-  you plug one end of the ranco into the wall the other into the back of the smoker box.
- Then you hang the ranco sensor inside the smoker (about mid level)
- set the ranco's temp to whatever you want. (make sure the ranco is in heat mode not cool mode)
-  then set the differential to 1 deg (for most accuracy)

The ranco (pre wired model) comes with a regular house plug outlet. you may have add an adapter to fit the smoker box (a computer power cord fits nicely)

When you get the unit, you'll figure it out.

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differencial 1 degree alright thats the missing tip i was needing thx  :D i knew about the rest exepted for the adaptor hope it comes with one and yes the one i ordered is prewired.

To monitor the food i already have a maverick et-73

cant waite to receive my ranco as soon as i try it ill post some feedback

big thx ;)



Thanks.  I've researched the data sheet and like being able to set the temp swings for the NO and NC on this device.  I think I'll get a couple of them, one to control the gas valve transformer primary (to control the cabinet temp) and the other to switch the transformer control off (as a high temp limit switch) when the meat hits the target zone.  This second relay will/can also activate a light or other such "DONE" alert device.  Probably will also use your meat probe (tube) idea.  Thanks, again, for the response.

I also noticed in the data sheet that you can add additional probes to get an "averaged" reading.  But, that in my newbie opinion, may be taking this project one step beyond necessity.  I'll sleep on that one for a couple more days.

My "simple" cabinet keeps getting increasingly less "simple" each day I spend on this forum! 

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And that's the beauty of it, Sodak!  You can keep adding more and more gizmos which make it easier on us but those less informed would think it's increasingly harder, thus allowing for the adult beverages in both hands as you soak up the sweet smoke of your smoker.  Those who smoke are nothing, if not ingenius!


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Thus proving once again that "More Is Better" sodak !  :D ;D
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Hi again TBS one last question (probably the only one i didnt asked so far) how can you use the ranco to just show the temp without controlling it ( using as a thermometre like you? Id like to use it this way for cold smoking without using my maverick.

Btw my ranco is in the mail with canada post it says will be here on friday 20th. And thx for telling me yes the ebay guy will send me a cord adaptor to fit my obs. thx again

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OK forget it, just received it ( a bit in advance :D ) and i found out how. If its pluged on the smoker it will controll it but if its not it will only tell you the temp (acting as a thermometer). Understood thx


Finally made my test for this unit as far as i tried it is wonderfull if you want a kind of pid prewired. Works wery well +/-1 degree with differancial set at 1 wow!! :o Should have bought it before!!! If i need an other ill probably go with a guru but for the time i raise my money to get a guru, this one will make the job for sure!

CT Smoker

Thanks for reporting back Toker!!!
I was waiting to hear from someone using it in the same way as I plan to.
+/-1 seems pretty accurate to me. And they sent you the right power cable too? Better send those guys some smoked beast ;)
Can I ask why you say you would go with a 'guru' next. (I guess I'm really not sure what, exactly, that is.) Are you not happy with the results you're getting with the ranco?

Thanks again
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Yes they send me the cord adaptor. And a guru (procom 4) has a lot more feature like a timer, a auto shutoff, can set the temp higher than 220F, a back light (for night) and it comes equiped with meat thermometre (instead of only controlling just the smoker it does both at the same time) and its cordless too!! just check www.bbqguru.com .

BUT WARNING several weeks ago their web site had a virus, dont know if they fixed it or not so before going there, have a nice antivirus and antispywares.

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The url for the BBQ Guru site is:


For the electric smoker you will need the Raptor/Guru combination.