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First of all I would like to say hi to all since this is my first post on this forum.  I don't have a smoker yet. I have been looking into Bradley smokers and just happen to find this forum. I've been reading a few posts and some of them made refference to PID.  What does thise mean. I would like to know what would be the best bradley to buy for someone that has never smoked before. 



Welcome to the forum. The PID would be your Porter Indicating Device. It helps you find your beer, which is especially important while you are smoking...   :D

Okay, the real answer is a PID is a type of temperature control system that maintains your setpoint temperature tighter than a normal on/off thermostat. Useful if you are smoking sausage (tight temperature control) or want to create the illusion that you are tending to the smoker when you are not (but having an adult beverage anyway).

A number of members here have built and installed them on their OBS, and everyone here can help you out if you want to move in that direction.

I have the Original BS in stainless steel, and have been very happy with it. I built my own PID after a year, but it really isn't necessary for most smoking. I do sausage, and wanted a bit more control without hanging around the smoker.


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Quote from: snowmon on July 08, 2008, 09:15:55 PM
PID.  What does thise mean. 

     proportional–integral–derivative controller (PID controller)


     pelvic inflammatory disease, PID
(inflammation of the female pelvic organs (especially the Fallopian tubes) caused by infection by any of several microorganisms (chiefly gonococci and chlamydia); symptoms are abdominal pain and fever and foul-smelling vaginal discharge)
and the pid controller is the owner   ;D
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W E L C O M E to the forum snowmon!

The others appear to have answered your question.
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Welcome to the forum snowmon

They already got ya hooked up on the PID question, I also built mine following the directions from the recipe site and alot of help from these fine folks.  As already stated you don't have to have one, but it sure makes it nice!  I don't have any experince with the digital model, I purchased the OBS and am quite pleased with it....don't think you'll go wrong with whichever one you deceide to go with!  Good Luck!

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Is the OBS with a PID better at temp control than the DBS?

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They both control the temperature in the cabinet as well as or better than your household oven, but the PID can be dialed in to +/- 1 degree if you so desire.  The main reason I have a PID with my OBS is it was cheaper than going with the digital, and I like to set to an actual number instead of a slider position.  The slider has been figured out quickly by many other users, but I didn't feel like spending the time trying to get it.


As TT stated the best thing about the PID is it holds the temp you set it at, period.  Not saying you can't make great food without, but lets just say if one were to crank the slide all the way up to recover heat loss and forget and fall asleep and the temp ramps to 375......Ok been there did it done it!

Its amazing what one can accomplish when one doesn't know what one can't do!


Quote from: snowmon on July 09, 2008, 02:19:23 PM
Is the OBS with a PID better at temp control than the DBS?


I have the OBS, so I defer to those with the DBS. However, I think you will find in the posts that the temperature control of the OBS with an added PID is tighter than the control exhibited by the DBS. This was a disappointment for some that expected PID loop performance in the DBS, which actually appears to have thermostat-like performance.



Thanks for all the in put. I just order the 6 rack.  I was heading toward the obs with pid add on.  The deciding factor was the extra room in the 6 vers 4 rack smoker.  Thanks again for the info. Looking forward to learning how to smoke. ;D ;D

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Welcome, snowmon!  Once you really get into the Bradley, you'll probably contemplate adding a PID to your 6 rack DBS to give you the best of both worlds.  However, enjoy your smokes just the same and welcome again!


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It won't be long till I'll be going smokin school.  I ordered it Thursday and it will be here Monday morning. Thats a shocker, for me anyways.  It normally takes a week or more just to process the order when ordering from the internet much less ship it. I'm really impressed. I really looking forward to learning how to smoke.