Finally! Crispy Turkey Legs

Started by Smokin Soon, September 22, 2008, 12:49:53 PM

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Smokin Soon

Cover stays on until the browning is done and dark spots appear like my wing pics, then removed. There is some reflective action from the cover.


I used the infrared cooker to make a 16 pound turkey yesterday for Canadian thanksgiving. The turkey was fantastic! The best I've ever made. It was juicy, tender, crispy and delicious! Totally fantastic tasting and I did not heat up the house from having the oven on for 5 hours! The drip pan needs to be emptied a couple of times because it will over flow as the drippings were twice the volume of the pan.

The turkey, 16 pounds.

Into the fryer.

Half way done.

Finished! So fantastic and delicious! I did not use the lid at all during the cooking of this turkey. The lid causes  the skin to brown too quickly. The  temperature at the deep breast was 180 degress farenheit. It took 5 hours to cook at half time high heat and half time low heat. This turkey was perfect. I can't think of anything that I would change.

Cut up and served with other homemade traditional thanksgiving fixings. Yum!

Mr Walleye

Great Job Geofite!

Awesome job!  ;)


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Smokin Soon

I have not done a Turkey. That is one big pretty bird!!


Great looking turkey.

The top was on.


Habanero Smoker


I left mine off. Next time I will use the top, and monitor the browning.



Went to Costco & bought myself a new toy today ;D.   I don't think I'm going to get to use it until next weekend though  :(. 


good  going  Deb... like the rest of  us we have a  life  and family as  well