great results - thanks all!

Started by tublackdogs, October 28, 2008, 10:02:07 PM

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Well, I had to post my appreciation for all the tips I have gleaned off this site over the past few months.
I am a new BDS owner and have only made a few things with it.  After reading this thread, I had to try cheese - mmmmm, cheese  :) - So 5 year aged cheddar and Gruyere was tossed in.  I used the "trick" of putting ice in the water bowl and another on the top shelf.  Combining this with smoke only, I managed to keep the temp around 85.  3 hours later, I wiped the moisture off the cheese (another "trick") let it cool for a few hours and then wrapped it in plastic and into the fridge.  Despite the advice, I couldn't wait for more than a day to try it.  The Gruyere was great, but the cheddar was 'grainy' :-\.  I decided to wait 2 weeks - as was suggested - and wouldn't you know it: much improved flavor and very smooth.  Both will feature on my holiday appetizer platters.  Thanks again for all your help and the good eats!


It is amazing how that patience thing can get in the way.  Almost makes you need to have a standby stash laying around just to sample while the fresh gets the aging.   :D
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