Pulled pork cooking time.

Started by bsheger, November 23, 2008, 04:36:23 PM

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I have a 17.5 lbs. pork shoulder (boston blade, no skin) I am planning on doing for thanksgiving.  It is split into 2 pieces.  I need it done, pulled, and ready to eat by noon on thursday.  I was planning on slathering with yellow mustard and a home made rub, smoking for 3-4 hours, then moving into the oven at 205-210.  The question is, does anyone have an idea how many hours it may take to reach 185-190 IT?  I'm trying to work backwards on time to figure out when to start it.  Would prefer to FTC sometime before going to church at 9:00 am., then pull before its time to eat.  Just need an estimated total cooking time.

Thanks in advance for all your suggestions.

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Hard to give a time, but for a smoke that size, I plan on a minimum of 18 hours.  Last one I did was 16 pounds and took me 24 hours.  However, mine was done entire time in the Bradley.  Sorry I couldn't be more specific. 

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I do believe the figure is an hour and a half per pound at 225*. A butt that big 17.5 should be around 26.25 hours. Maybe longer that sounds like a butt off an ol Sow. I would figure 27.5 as a guess.
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i have done a 15 lb pork roast at  at 210 box temp and an IT of 180 when pulled at 18 hours... i would add another 3 to 4 hours to that to be safe... you  caan always FTC


For one that big, I would figure 22-26 hours.
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I'm with the majority that is calling for at least 24 hours.  That's a long time I know but you also have your house smelling great for a long time too! ;)



I do that mean at least once a year not for the last 3 years.  What I do is target 24  but allow 26 hours and start checking it at 16 hours and 18 hours.  Its normally right between 18 and 24 hours.   The factors are the cuts to take the bone out and how thick the not cut pieces.  If its well cut in half (even if folded back over)  two hunks, its less.
The more solid un-disturbed hunks, the more time.  and if bone in, most indeed longer. Bone in your in the 25 to 28 hr time.  Did that once.

Good luck.
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Thanks for all the input.  It does have a bone in it but untill I actually open the package I'm not sure what it looks like.  I'm doing this for my mother-in-law.  I have a meat saw so a may just cut the thing if it appears to be too large for a rack.  Will know more tonight.  Thanks again.