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Started by Bassachusetts, December 07, 2008, 08:07:51 PM

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Hello All,

I've had some great success thus far with my OBS thanks to the help of the great advice on this forum. I'm planning on doing my first brisket this week, but when I got home from the meat market, I noticed the cut I got was marked "top beef eye round". Is this brisket? I think I may have grabbed the wrong piece...I guess I can use it for jerky if so. What would the correct cut be if this is the wrong one? Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays to all.

Smoking Duck

I'm not a butcher, so take it for whatever it's worth.  I do believe the top beef eye round is from the upper part of the cow versus the lower part which is where the brsiket is from.  Is it a pretty lean piece of meat or does it have a pretty good fat cap on it?

I'm sure someone with more knowledge than I will be around shortly to help.


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Thanks for the reply Smoking Duck. It has a pretty good size (I think) fat cap on it...


I too am not a butcher but beleive a top round roast is from the hind quarter. I think it is just that a roast. I'm sure some others will be better able to tell you how to best cook it.

Habanero Smoker

They are two different cuts of meat that are generally cooked differently. The brisket is a cut from the front underside of beef (directly between the leg and ribs). As Pens has mentioned, the round is a cut from the upper part of the rear leg.

This site is useful in identifying the different cuts of meat:
Ask The Meatman



Thanks for the responses; looks like I grabbed the wrong cut. Went back to the market and noticed the round was next to the brisket...

West Coast Sausage Maker

I am a butcher. Eye of round will work well for jerky. But it wont make a very good brisket.
Both cuts have the same long grains running through the meat, which is why one might mistake the two cuts.

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