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Started by earlyman55, December 29, 2008, 08:41:24 AM

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Hi All -
Well, got my Bradley for the Holidays. (You always get what you want when you buy it yourself!) I promised my wife I'd keep it packed up until Christmas, so in the meantime I found the site and have been reading (and printing off recipes) ever since. There sure is a wealth of information here, as well as (from what I can tell), a bunch of great people. I've got my 1st smoke going as I write- 5 pounds of fresh Atlantic salmon.  ;D We got a break from all the snow and freezing rain, so it's a perfect day to christen the Bradley!


Welcome to the forum.... Are you using Kummock's recipe?

Post pictures if you can, I can't speak for the rest of the people here but I love looking at them  :)


Welcome to the forum earlyman!

Lots of good information and even better people here!  Good luck and keep us posted!

Its amazing what one can accomplish when one doesn't know what one can't do!


Happy Day happy Day.   Good luck and have fun.
Coming to you from the DelMarVa (US East Coast that is)

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Congrats and welcome.
Hope your smoke turns out great. 
Yep, post pics so we can all see.  I'm a midwesterner, and have not aquired a taste for salmon, but pics are always good. 
When its time to upgrade, get a PID from Auber (or assemble your own from components) and you'll be able to hold temps to a degree or 2.  Sure beats babysitting the temp slider all day. 
Lots of experince here, so stick around.  Everyone is here to help.
keep smokin


Welcome 55, great present, enjoy. ;)
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Welcome to the forums earlyman55, check out the recipe site when you get the chance.

QuoteI'm a midwesterner, and have not aquired a taste for salmon

Drano, I never really cared for salmon till I tried Kummoks recipe. Now I can't get enough.  :)
I've even given some to those who HATE salmon, did not tell them it was salmon till they asked for more.  ;D


W E L C O M E  to the Forum earlyman55!

Nice present. Sometimes I gift myself that way too.

Ask lots of questions. Lots of good people here willing to steer you in the right direction.
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I like your present technique, which is one I've adopted myself.

Welcome to the forum.  Looking forward to reading about your projects. 


Welcome to the forum. Nice you could joy us. Plenty of friendly folks here who love to share. I know you will fit right in.
May the fragrance of thin blue smoke always grace your backyard.

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Smokin Soon

Welcome to the forum earlyman! Glad you are taking the time to do some reading here, it will help you a lot. Don't be afraid to ask questions, as you will get a very prompt response to any issues you may have.

Father Tom

Welcome to the Forum earlyman55.  You will love the Bradley Smoker.  Wish i was up there with you and enjoying that fantastic Salmon.  Don't be a stranager.

Father Tom


Well Gang -
The salmon was out of this world! My wife (who informed me on Christmas Day that she wasn't big on smoked food... who knew, we've only been married 28 years!), well she flipped and insisted that we have some as the main course that night for dinner! My teenage son mentioned the next day how much he enjoyed last night's dinner - he usually can't even remember what he had for dinner the night before! So, to respond to some posts - I used some boxed cure that I picked up at my local Cabelas, but I used Kummock's times and temps. I omitted the last phase (175 degrees for 1.5 hours), as we like salmon with a cool center.  I have an Auber PID and a bunch of aluminum pucks (from one of our members) used 6 alder pucks for 2 hours of smoke. I guess it was beginner's luck, but for New Years Day I'm smoking a 5 pound turkey breast using Stickbowcrafter's rub. I'll report back with the results.

Happy New Year!


NICE, and making a few converts along the way.  Gotta love it.

Don't look at it as beginners luck, claim expertise, skill and know how.  Nobody has to know that the Bradley gives you a head start.   ;)
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