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Started by mjack1957, December 30, 2008, 06:39:01 AM

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Hi SD, I generally agree you with you. Sometimes I overbuy though.
Maybe I should have a beer or two, then I'll be certain
to buy the programmable unit. 

Smoking Duck

I find that alcohol generally helps in all decisions  ;D

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Quote from: Smoking Duck on December 30, 2008, 06:44:21 PM
Well, thank you Star.  Truth be told is that the only reason I would consider doing it is that there are absolutely no good Q joints anywhere around here.  The people here are starving for a good Q.  There is actually a tiny little place about 3 miles from me that used to be a BBQ joint.  The place is only about as big as my living room, if that big.  It's been closed many years and I may even consider trying to use that building as a base of operations as I think there's a smoker built into the building.  I'l try to get around there soon and take a pic of the place and see what yins guys think.



Don't lose a dream - and remember you don't HAVE to do it everyday.  I've seen a few tiny places do a bang up business just open on weekends or whatever other day.  Don't do as I do and let opportunities pass.  My best friend bought a marina on a lake near Nashville and expanded and completely refurbished it.  He also put in a floating restaurant that overlooked the main part of the lake - nice view.  He offered it to me at not cost if I wanted to do a restaurant - He had heard my verbalized dreams of having a restaurant on more than one occassion.  Push come to shove, I couldn't at that time - my wife and daughter were both in graduate school and it was a 1 1/2 hour drive or so.  Can kick myself if I think about it too much.  A Q restaurant floating on the lake, what could have been better.  The lake is also the one I fly fish below a lot - I call it my home waters.  

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What will you smoke?  If its pork butts, and other things that smoke at one temp and stay, the base model will work great. 
If you plan fish and sausage, which normally call for varying temps, the programable is nice. 
I got my programable a few weeks ago and have done one butt, 2 batches of summer sausage and 1 beef sticks (the rest of the beef sticks will get the smoke Thurs). 
For sausage, some recipies call for 140 until dry (about an hour w/ my 3 smokes), 1 hour at 160, then 170-175 until done.  With a programmable, you just set up those temps and times.  Programming mode is way easy.  And you can change the programmed settings while you are smoking by running thru the programming mode and updating the temps.  I've raised temps on a couple smokes. 
But if you have the base model, you just reset the temp those 3 times--and while you're up, might as well grab another adult beverage :).  Either way, its not rocket science, so buy the model that fits your checking account, and smoking plans.   
Not to make your decision harder, but Auber now has an option for a temp probe that bolts thru a hole you drill thru the back of the smoker, for the same price.  Thats what I went with, and so far, so good.  One less cable thru my top vent.