Sausage Binders - how many use them

Started by flht01, December 29, 2008, 01:51:52 PM

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I finished my third 20# batch of pork/venison sausage yesterday using only Old Plantation pre-packaged seasoning along with pink salt and the results have been ok so far.

I've been reading some of the sausage recipe's in Rytek's book and am planning on trying a few of them in a few weeks. Most call for a binder of either soy protein and/or dry milk and I've had a little trouble finding the soy in local stores. Could someone comment on how much difference the binders actually make and where the best places to buy (online or chain type stores)? Also, is there anything special about the dry milk mentioned or is it the same as most grocery stores keep on the shelf?



I use the box stuff from carnation that is on the shelf.
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QuoteI use the box stuff from carnation that is on the shelf.
So do I 10.5

For the soy protein:
Check here,
I just placed an order from them today, not for the soy but for a couple other items.
I have dealt with them for several years.

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I use the Sausagemaker product, but lowfat dried powdered milk acts as a binder in sausage and can be used instead of the soy protien.


Thanks for the reply's. Do you substitute it in equal amounts?


I use non-fat milk powder in equal portions as it is easier for me to get as no stores here carry soy protien. Anything I have read says they can be substituted. I found they hold the meat together and when you slice the finished product it does not crumble.


Thanks, Piker. I did a little digging yesterday evening and found a few articles that suggested it could be substituted in equal parts too.

Now to try out one of 10.5's chicken recipes.  :o


I use dry milk and soy protein powder.



Quote from: NePaSmoKer on January 04, 2009, 06:59:13 PM
I use dry milk and soy protein powder.


Thanks nepas

Those chorizo pictures are still haunting me  ;D