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Started by NePaSmoKer, January 27, 2009, 07:41:50 PM

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Mr Walleye

Quote from: pensrock on January 28, 2009, 05:33:35 PM
I just did some quick googling. Thermistors are a temperature sensitive resistor (like Mike found out), so that being said. If I were to measure the resistance of the thermistor at room temperature, I would think installing a resistor with about the same value would do the trick.

If I can get some time to play at work tomorrow, I'll try to see if it works.

OK Sparky, enough drinking at a distance..... you can jump in anytime and help us out.  ;D

I think your onto it Pens!  ;)


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Smokin Soon

If someone could tell me what other test to do on this little "dummy plug" I will try.


If you have a multimeter (resistance to be exact), measure the resitance from the center conductor to the outer conductor.  Should be a very low resistance.  I suspect the actual circuit is only a very small resistor, maybe a couple ohms at the most.

I thought I have a few resistors around here to test this with but I guess the last clean up did a toss of unused parts.
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OK guys here's what to do. Its real easy!  ;D

I took one of my cables from the Bradley, that runs from the generator to the tower sensor, cut it in half. Then soldered a resistor to the wires. It works great. You can also buy a plug and solder the resistor to it, that way you still have your original Bradley cable if you want to use it. The 100K resistor simulates a temperature of 77 degrees F, it may vary slightly but should read about the same all the time.

Parts needed:
2.1mmx5.5mmx9.5mm DC Plug
100K-Ohm resistor 1/4 watt is plenty.
1/8 watt would work also.
(I got a pack of five at Radio Shack for a dollar, all they had was 1/4 watt) Radio Shack part #271-1347.
Unfortunately Radio Shack does not sell just the plug. They do have a plug with a wire and connector on it but its too much money. It was listed in another forum message some time ago.

You can buy a plug at Parts Express online for $1.25 part #090-477.
They also have resistors, .55 for a pack of ten. Part #002-100K These are 1/2 watt they do not list 1/4 or 1/8 watt. !/2 Watt will work just fine, it's just a little larger.

I would bet they have the 1/4 watt if you were to call an order in, if you call them tell them you want the items shipped by mail to save on shipping. Last time I ordered from them they had no problem doing this for me.

Mr Walleye

Pens! Great Job!  8)

Two thumbs up!  ;)


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Ok pens

Your hired to do mine  ;D


Smokin Soon

Thats pretty good to know because I looked for my dummy plug to mail to anyone who would check it, and now I can't find the little thingie!


Let me know how many you need.

Tiny Tim

I've got him hooked up as soon as the rest of his parts arrive (as well as the rest of my order).

Mr Walleye


Just for the sake of doing it I made a couple this morning. I used the 1/8 watt 100k ohm resistors and it worked perfect. They are small enough to fit right in the connector under the cap. It reads 77 degrees. The only down side... Holly crap are they small to try and read! I had a package of 100 various 1/8 watt resistors! A magnifying glass is a must!

Anyway I thought I would throw the color code out there if anybody needs it.

100K-Ohm resistor, 1/8 watt, 5% carbon = Brown - Black - Yellow - Gold


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QuoteHolly crap are they small to try and read!

I know what you mean.  ;D ;D

Mine read 77 degrees also. When I checked the thermistor it was a little cooler in the shop, I got a reading of 118K. I had to use 1/4 watt because that was all I could find. I thought 1/8 would fit under the cap but was not sure.