Checking for Bad Element with Multimeter

Started by TedEbear, June 21, 2011, 06:34:12 PM

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Well, after reading all the bad element threads one of my elements finally bit the dust recently.  It wasn't a total disaster since I did the dual element mod this past winter.  I just knew something was wrong when it took much longer for the chamber temp to recover when I opened the door.

I removed both elements, got my multimeter and ran some checks.  The first one was around 27 ohms.  The second one was completely open.  I ordered a replacement from Yard & Pool.  I also decided to get a new faceplate since the original was cracked in several places. With their extremely fast order processing and shipping the box was at my front door 3 days later, which included the weekend.  :)

Anyway, here are some pics of how to tell if an element is going bad.  The first one is a brand new element, right out of the box.  It reads 31.6 ohms.  The second pic shows my bad element reading open, as if the multimeter wasn't connected to anything.  You don't have to completely remove the element from your smoker to check it like I did but if you leave it installed you need to remove the wire from one end or the other or you can get a false reading.

Brand new element:

Totally defective element:


yes the bottom element is bad, and  good catch


Good info. Thanks for taking the time to share that with everyone.