Smoked Hard boiled eggs recipe Wanted!!

Started by chopperloui, February 12, 2009, 03:35:23 PM

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I am looking for recipes and tips for smoking hard boiled eggs. I put 3 in the bradley and smoked them at 190-200 degrees for 1 hour and 40 minutes. They came out with a nice brown shell. After cooling I shelled one and ate it. It was done perfectly but the smoke didn't penetrate as I had hoped. I read on a cockshack forum aboutt his method. But there was little to no smoke flavor. Smoking any longer might jeopordize the eggs texture and over cook it. Any tips?

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Any time I have done it was after shelling the hard boiled egg and sprinkled with a selection of spices. Smoked for 20 or so minutes.


The theory for the smoke to "penetrate" shell of an boiled egg in such a small ammount om time seems to me like close to none. The egg shell is there the protect the little cicken and to let gas and such out, not very much letting much in tough. I have to say as being from sweden and we are as we are :) smoking eggs came as a huge suprise for me. But as a conclusion, with the eggshell on, in my theory you would have to go like 24-36 hours to get some real taste.

Never tried it, just opening my big mouth again :)
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I do what Pens does. Boil the eggs and peel before smoking. I generally apply 40 minutes of smoke; using either pecan or maple. Sometimes I will brine them first.

Though the following recipe is for quail eggs, the same principle applies to chicken eggs.
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I have smoked the wife's homemade pickled eggs.  Gave them 40 minutes of cherry, maple, apple, hickory(not in the same session).  I have tried mixing the flavours as well.  They must come out great, because they don't last long, especially when some of the guys come over to watch hockey!!!  Smoked pickled eggs and beer, a dynamite combination. ;) ;D
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Here are picts of my smoked pickled egg adventure. Still have not tasted them yet, am waiting another 2 weeks.

In the smoker with Crown Bisquettes

Finished product


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Ohhhhh.... Nicely done Lumpy!  8)

Love 'em with jalapenos!  ;)


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I had 6 guys over one night and we ate 24 eggs in 2 hours. ;)

Sure glad no one stayed over. There was a hard skin on the eggs but once you got past that WOW!



I have done eggs both ways...hard boiling and then peeling and smoking and also raw eggs into the smoker at about 220 for two and a half to three hours.  It takes that long for the smoke to penetrate the shells and you will still get a light smoke flavor.

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I am with Pens and 10.5 on this one. Remove the shell and smoke for about 40 minutes COLD. The egg packages in Jordan come in 30 per pack and with about 5 or six guys lasted about 2 hours.

Time to go to the egg store again.

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This sounds good.   Going to have to try it.   HR I assume when you said COLD, you meant cold smoke.   It'll give a chance to my cold smoke addapter.

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Quote from: RAF128 on November 03, 2009, 09:34:46 AM
This sounds good.   Going to have to try it.   HR I assume when you said COLD, you meant cold smoke.   It'll give a chance to my cold smoke addapter.

Ys that is what I meant Raf128 and you should try your smoke adaptor. When my Bradley enclosure is finished, I am going to have the cold set up permenantly.

I am not as "think" as you "drunk" I am.


Thanks for the reply.   After I read this post I decided to give it a try.    Just finished hard boiling a dozen eggs.   Now I'll set up the smoker and in no time I'll get them started.    Was going to try the Crown Royal pucks...