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Started by Torchman, January 21, 2005, 12:26:29 AM

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<br />Thanks, JJC!! On the cheese, I used one hour of cherry with the box unplugged and vent wide open. It got hotter than what I wanted (100 deg), but it came out GREAT to ME!!The heat DID soften it a bit, but did not ruin the texture. I let it cool for a bit, then wrapped in saran wrap and popped it in the fridge. I didn't get to taste a peice plain...but the breaded and fried sticks my girlfriend makes just went up about 20 notches on the "YUMM" scale! The smoke got completely through, obviously, but it was very gentle and not overpowering. A perfect compliment to her recipe.BTW, I've noticed that the Bradley I just bought came with 4 mesh (jerky)racks, as opposed to normal racks. I'm not complaining a BIT...just an observation to pass along..
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Hi Frank,

If you really like the outome, DON'T change your method!!!  If you're ecstatic about the result, don't even think about changing anything.  One thing I like to do is experiment with different wood flavors.  Just a personal quirk . . . [;)][8D]

Newton MA
Newton MA


Never be sorry for good writing, MGG! When I read your post I laughed my #ss off because that described the taste of my first smoked cheese effort EXACTLY![8D]


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<br />I everyone sorry about bringing bong water to the forum. The allusion was from a more innocent time. I agree with mallardwacker that rum or JD or even Absolute is a better fit these days. Some- where along the line I joined the establishment. [:)]Thanks for the imput on replacing the element. Its still too cold in Utah to replace the Quartz tube just yet. Did I hear correctly that I bought a brand new model BSS with an older style heating element? Is there a different style or after market modification that isn't a quartz tube?
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The newer versions have a metal heating element instead of the quartz tube.  You can contact Bradley and see if they will give you one or how much they are.

Chez Bubba


Last January Bradley introduced a new stainless steel heating element. It's the same thing basically as the glass ones, except the outer shaft is metal. They were having issues with the glass ones breaking by the time they traveled from China to Vancouver to dealer to customer.

If your's is intact, there's probably no reason to change it, as we've never sold a replacement bulb to someone who's actually burned one out. Now if you drop your smoker on the way to the deck, that's a different story.

I'm just surprised anybody still had the units with the old bulb in stock. How many inches of dust did you have to clean off of it?

If you feel the need for a metal one, we have them in stock for $15.00.


Ya think next time I check into a hotel & they ask "Smoking or Non?" they would mind?
Ya think if next time I check into a hotel & they ask "Smoking or Non", they would mind?


Hi Kirk sorry I purchased the BSS From allied-kenco. In the past I have bought alot of sausagemaking supplies fron them. The smoker had no dust on top, At least to the degree that the Smithonian Institute would have wanted. Nor did I drop it unwrapping the present. Although in the past I have been guilty of breaking my Christmas presents Christmas mornings.[:(]I did purchase a replacement from the Chez Bubba. Imagine my suprise and delight to finally unwrap and discover that its a metal unit. People may amaze and celebrate Bradley and Cassdandra But It was Chez Bubba that came thru. Eventually I'm going to replace it, hoping never to get shocked again nor have to try and figure out why the GF protector kept popping off.


Hi all I'm back in Utah from a conference in Florida. My biggest joy was to return to the family and get back to the BSS. I replaced the light tube/heating element without any problems.The advancer was jammed briefly when a bisquette's lip was too high. I am doing the first run with the Guru/Raptor going. Already,some second thoughts. I think I would enjoy a temperature probe instead of the percentage of achieved temperature ramping up. At this point I enjoy checking the meat temperature every few minutes. My wife thinks I have some type of brain fever. I told her no just a simple obsession. [:p]I'm sure as the novelty wears down I'll be more appreciative of not babysitting it so closely. I'm using a Bradley digital thermometer at the same time. It is a little colder today with some wind so perhaps the Guru is doing more than I'm giving it due. The main question for the forum is the following: I originally bought the Stainless Steel smoker as it seemed to have a nice clean look. With all of the probes and controllers it looks like a Rube Goldberg contraption.[:D] Admittantly I haven't used much to organize it just yet. I've looked at some of the pictures on the forum and was hoping for a clean installation. Maybe hidden in some form an enclosure. About the only other thing would be a triangular (in cross section) smoking stick to avoid the kissing spots when the sausages touch. I used the sausage rack but still a few spots on the Brats.