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« on: January 21, 2005, 03:43:51 pm »
This is concerning the Curing and Brining posting.

Due to the fact that everytime this Curing and Brining posting is edited the board on the re-posting of an edit will then takes code and tags it reads the way I want them to the first posting of it and then change them into funky codes it thinks the edit wants. (I really had to mix up some codes and tags to get this lay-out and that is the real problem.)

Because of that I have not granted you moderator, and I have lock the thread. If you see anything wrong you will have to E-mail me with the changed needed.  I then have to do the changes in WordPad and then delete the first posting and just create a new posting.... PHEW I HATE POSTING BOARDS!!!

Here is the addy:

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